The movement that brought this replica watch to life is called AL-525

The non-cardinal time indications are circles applied on the black dial and coated with white luminescent material. The twelve hour index is double what helps in the hourly reading. At three hours a window, in the form of a sector, shows the disc of the day of the month of black color and the white numerals. Although the window shows three numbers, a triangle to its right indicates the central numeral, which is the one to be read. The situation and shape of the window obliges, as we have said, that the three-hour number changes shape to adapt to the available space. This breaks with the vision of the whole when only the indications with luminescent material are glimpsed. The dial has an internal bezel in which there are replica Rolex watches luminescent circles in the five minute indications. Interesting in daylight but redundant in the absence of light. The hands are perfectly differentiated, although the shape of the timetables is sword. However, while the time is two straight, the minute is inclined sides, larger and orange contour. The second needle, central, is stylized and with an orange triangle-shaped counterweight.


The movement that gives life to this fake watch is called AL-525, base ETA 2824-2 although more specifically in its version Sellita SW200-1 that has some differences with respect to the original movement. The most visible is that a ruby ​​is added, so it becomes 26. The power reserve is approximately 38 hours. The architecture and mechanical design is practically the same in both: modular automatic ski lift gauge, by means of two-way rotor by means of inverter wheels with ball bearings. Its regulatory body replica watches oscillates at 4 Hz, that is, 28,800 alternations per hour. The variation of the gear variation is carried out by means of an eccentric screw that acts on the racket. The rotor has an L-shape and is decorated with a matte black finish.


The replica watches can be chosen with three bracelet models: rubber, metallic and Milanese.


It has a PVP price of 1,150 EUR, which makes it a perfect comparison option for those fans who want a mechanical replica watch with guarantees of being able to use it without problems in summer.