Revival of mechanical replica watches making

Alpina, formed by watch cooperatives, is a brand that specialized since its inception in the development of sports models. It suffered the consequences of the quartz crisis and had to close its doors in 1984. With the resurgence of mechanical watchmaking, the brands were acquired by Frederique Constant in 2002 with the aim of focusing on the group's sports replica watches uk. The philosophy, like that of his older sister, is to offer quality replica watches at competitive prices.


The Alpina Extreme Diver 300 Orange owes its name to its impermeability characteristic as well as to the color chosen for underwater viewing. Although it is not the color that distinguishes itself in greater depth (the orange color “disappears” after 15 meters deep) offers good replica watches uk readability before reaching its limit, which makes it perfectly feasible for recreational scuba diving since can be used as a depth gauge; that is, if we realize that we do not distinguish the indications in orange, it means that we have descended below 15 meters.

The box, made of stainless steel, has a diameter of 44 millimeters. Although the shape of the carriage is cushion type, this shape is blurred by two rectangular additions on the sides. On the side of the crown it is interrupted at its height so it acts as a protector of it. The crown, threaded, has a fluted rubber finish and at its base you can see the triangular replica watches logo characteristic of Alpina. The bottom is threaded and with transparent sapphire crystal.


The bezel, which rotates unidirectionally as mandated by the diving replica watch canons has a polished finish and a ribbed contour every two and a half minutes. The front is black PVD and the numerals, orange and luminescent, are engraved on its surface; The indications of the five minutes stand out for some triangle-shaped holes in reference to the brand logo. The crystal is sapphire and has anti-reflective treatment.